The homepage for the 2017 Earth Day says in big, bold letters that Earth Day is a “movement” and a time to “make big stuff happen.”

We couldn’t agree more. Every year we’re excited to see celebrities raising awareness and companies making exciting pledges.

It’s great to invest in the future. And no one knows this better than the nine facilities above.

Every day, each of these facilities labors quietly to help the environment. From tropical retreats to urban streets, the facilities featured above are doing beautiful things for the planet.

At these nine facilities, crews work around the clock to protect the planet. Phrases like regeneration, wastewater recovery, water supply and energy O&M aren’t used in everyday conversation, although they mean a lot to the people working to make the earth a better place.

Earth Day is a great time for “big stuff,” because big thinking is critical to solving our environmental challenges. Yet Earth Day is also the time to remember the “everyday stuff” that helps our planet. These nine facilities and thousands like them across the country symbolize the celebration of Earth Day’s values every day.

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